We believe the LORD has called us to teach the Bible with theatrical power metal. We encourage you to take time to click on the links provided below for all of our lyrics as personal Bible study for your own growth as a follower of Jesus Christ. If you have any questions about the Bible or where you will spend eternity, please email us at:


Anthems of War

2024 – The theme on this album is “Old Testament Warfare and Worship“. The following songs featured Moses, Abraham, Gideon, the Angel of the Lord, Deborah, the Levites, Solomon, and David’s Mighty Men. 

  1. Man of War
  2. The Angel of the Lord
  3. Be Like The Sun
  4. Song of the Levites
  5. Face to the Ground
  6. Mighty Warrior

CLICK ON each song (above) to see the lyrics and corresponding Bible study that goes with it. 

The Old Testament is filled with types of Christ. A “type” is a person, event, or object in the Old Testament that is intentionally designed by God to predict or point forward to Jesus Christ. Pray for us as we continue to write for the future. Tell us what Old Testament story that you would like to see made into a theatrical power metal song.

Sons of the Kingdom

2018 – The journey of life is challenging and sometimes treacherous. This project was inspired by God to encourage followers of Jesus Christ to persevere and live by life enhancing truths found in His Word, the Bible.

  1. Sons of the Kingdom
  2. Child of the King
  3. Greater Things
  4. All That We Are
  5. Power and Love
  6. Perfected
  7. Awake
  8. My Bride Beloved
  9. Angel Armies

CLICK ON each song (above) to see the lyrics and corresponding Bible study that goes with it. 

These songs were created as a result of personally spending time in God’s Word, the Bible and asking the LORD for wisdom. As you develop your intimacy with Him, He will begin to use you in ways you never dreamed before. Please take time to ask Him for wisdom as you study with us!


Majestic Serenity / Rebel of Reason

(2007 re-issue) – In 1990, SARDONYX recorded a 4-song EP called “Rebel of Reason” which was followed by our full length project called “Majestic Serenity” in 1992. The band toured on these two very successful projects.

Majestic Serenity – 1992

  1. Puppet of Beauty
  2. Paracletos
  3. Corridor To Light
  4. Short But Suite Opus in D Flat
  5. Royal Honor
  6. Heavenly Throne
  7. Fort Drum
  8. Holy Avenger
  9. Call Upon The Master
  10. Voice of the Prodigal
  11. Liar

Rebel of Reason – 1990

  1. Scandal
  2. Don’t Chase The Rainbow
  3. Bloodshed
  4. Rebel of Reason

CLICK ON each song (above) to see the lyrics and corresponding Bible study that goes with it.


Linear Progression

2005 – This 4 song EP was recorded in 2005 by all the original members of the band except Rod Feltman. Tim Swarthout (guitarist) was a founding member of SARDONYX in 1988 but left the band before the band started doing shows in 1990. This studio project was engineered and mastered by Tim in his home studio in Elmira, NY.

  1. Sing to the Lord
  2. Master and My King
  3. I’m Free
  4. Power Unto You