There are brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world who desire to build the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ through their own ministries within the Christian Metal community. 

Christian Metalheads International

CMI (Christian Metalheads International) is a a member of Svenska Evangeliska Alliansen. The leadership of CMI desires to pray for revival in the metal world, spread the Metal  Bible, build metal cell groups, and pray and support Christian metal bands and individuals. WEBSITEFACEBOOKEMAIL


Christian Hard Music & Metal Onslaught

Christian Hard Music & Metal Onslaught is an Online Hard Music Magazine, based in the UK. Filled with News, Reviews & Interviews and we have an online store for those in the UK and around Europe to source our ever growing library of CD’s, Vinyl, T-Shirts and the like. Our Passion is to preach the gospel into the metal world in an alternative way.   WEBSITE  – FACEBOOKEMAIL


The Meltdown Festival – United Kingdom

The annual Meltdown retreat offers a great weekend away from home for people who enjoy Christian hard music. Full board accommodation, guests share twin rooms in well appointed six berth caravans for you and your friends to spend a weekend of fellowship, teaching and music with like minded people. WEBSITEFACEBOOKEMAIL


The Metal Bible

The Metal Bible is a special Bible edition for all us that are into metal music. It contains the New Testament as well as metalheads that share their life stories and talk about what God and the Bible means to them. .   WEBSITEFACEBOOKORDEREMAIL


Sanctuary Church

More information is coming soon.